Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S specializes in NetApp equipment and currently runs a promotion storage expansions.


Upgrade your storage capacity with NetApp DS4246 & DS2246 throughout October and November to enjoy free shipping to any location in Europe.

All systems have a 1-year warranty.

The promotion includes:


NetApp DS4246 Disk Shelf

24x 3TB 7.2K SATA

USD 5.850,00 / EUR 4.950,00


NetApp DS2246 Disk Shelf

24x 900GB 10K SAS

USD 6.150,00 / EUR 5.200,00


NetApp DS2246 Disk Shelf

24x 600GB 10K SAS

USD 3.150,00 / EUR 2.675,00


Contact our sales department today sales@hn-as.com

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