Who doesn’t know IBM these days? It became one of the most popular and influential companies in the innovative technology field. Even if Apple, Google, and Microsoft dominate the market, IBM still plays an essential role in the information age, proof being all their solutions created over 100 years of activity.

Here are 10 interesting facts about IBM everyone should know.

  1. Over 100 years of activity

In 1896, the entrepreneur and inventor Herman Hollerith founded the Tabulating Machine Company. Later on, when the company was taken over by Thomas Watson, it came to be known as IBM. IBM has celebrated 100 years of activity on June 2013.

  1. IBM – between pleasure and business

IBM stands for ”International Business Machines” simple because ”International Business and Pleasure Machines” didn’t soud quite right.

  1. The ”Big Blue”

The company is also known as ”Big Blue”, but the origin of the nickname is unknown. It is believed that the logo color might be a source of inspiration.

  1. IBM helped nasa put the first man on the moon

IBM assigned over 4.000 employees to help NASA track the orbital flight of the Mercury astronauts. The computers had only 4K og ram.

  1. Five Nobel winners work for IBM

Five IBM employees have been rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for their innovative discoveries in research and science. The handful list of IBMers includes: Leo Esaki, George Bednorz, Alex Bueller, Gerd Binning, and Heinrich Rohrer.

  1. A strict dress code was instituted for most of the 20th century

Women had to wear classy dresses or skirts and the men “pin-striped suits, white button-down shirts, rep ties and wing-tipped shoes”. The company’s fashion style altered over the years and right now encourages more of a business casual look.

  1. Helping to treat leukemia

IBM invented the first continous blood separator; the machine used in the treatment of leukemia.

  1. Computers against humanity

In 1997, the chess computer ”Deep Blue” defeated Gary Kasparov (world chess champion) in a six game match.

Also, in 2013, the IBM computer ”Watson” defeated two humans at the ”Jeopardy” game, prooving once again how amazing artificial inteligence truly is.

  1. Keyboard inspired by a puzzle.

An IBM researcher came up with the classic ThinPad Butterfly – foldable keyboard design while helping his daughter solve a puzzle.

  1. IBM was involved in the longuest antitrust suit ever – until now

IBM is on the record for the longuest antitrust trial ever. It lasted 13 years, with 250 depositions and over 50 million pages of documents.


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