Nowadays, many small businesses choose to have a server-based network infrastructure. A server is, in fact, a computer that holds and shares data over a network. It helps a business easily transmit and access information.

So, why is a server-based network good for your business?

  • It protects business information and guarantees security. Built-in firewall protection prevents unauthorized users to access the internal data of a company.
  • It helps in providing high-speed internet access to all computers connected to the network.
  • It automatically backups your data and helps you restore any previous versions or retrieve accidentally deleted documents.
  • It gives you the freedom of working anytime and anywhere, by accommodating a mobile workforce which gives access to email, internal websites, files, etc.
  • It enables the staff to share the businesses’ resources (Internet access, fax machines, printers).
  • It allows you to add users and set up new computers fast and easy.
  • It gives you the option to consolidate your email accounts into a single, company-hosted e-mail account.
  • It stores all the business information in one place. This means it will be considerably easier for you to manage business data and for your staff members will find, access, and share the information in no time.
  • It gives you more processing power. It stores large chunks of data, enabling individual computers to perform better.


If you want to learn more about how to chose the right server for your business, check our buying guide.

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