Every serious business needs a good server to hold all the data on the company’s computers, to ensure a high level of security, and allow and deny access to different files.

No matter if your company is big or small; these are the three main reasons why an in-house server is a way to go.

You have complete control over your data

While it is true that cloud-based servers are known for their high level of information security, in-house servers give you the freedom of controlling everything. Many business owners prefer to have physical access to a server simply because they are able to place it in a room where they can safeguard it themselves.

Investing for the long run

On one hand, larger companies are more likely to opt for in-house servers as they do have the means to purchase and upgrade the equipment and actually have the space to store the server. On the other hand, many small companies prefer to implement cloud-based servers because they require only the payment for the service subscription.

While it is true that in the short term this seems to be the most affordable solution, in the long run, if you put all the expenses together, you might reach the conclusion that physical servers are the way to go.

No more lost data

We bet this happened to you numerous times before: you’re working on an important document and all of a sudden your computer freezes. Now, the only thing left to do is either to wait forever or to restart and hope it will open again. Usually, the worst happens and you end up losing all your documents.

A server backs up all your data, at all times. No matter if your computer goes down, your work can be retrieved.


Source: iSupportU






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