Having in mind the latest Facebook cyber attack (50 million accounts were exposed), we decided to put together a short guide that will help you protect your business data. While large companies might have the means to combat and recover, for small and medium businesses, breaches in their data security can be devastating.

Having a good cybersecurity strategy became a necessity and here is what you need to know.

Secure all vulnerable areas in your network

Your Wi-Fi network is one of the easiest ways into your company’s information. Consider having two Wi-Fi networks: one for customers or visitors and another one for company’s employees only.

When it comes to the visitors’ network, it is best to implement a one-time use password and update it on a daily basis. As for the internal use of Wi-Fi, the connection should be encrypted. This can be simply done by selecting the WPA2, password-protected option on your Wi-Fi.

Also, keep in mind that hackers will update their working methods frequently, so it is best if you remember to regularly update your antivirus software.

Secure all the devices your employees use

Make sure that all laptops, tablets or phones your employees are using are encrypted with a virtual private network (VPN). This will protect the devices when using any public internet connection.

Instruct your staff how to protect data

Because earlier we were mentioning mobile devices, we consider it is best to advise your staff to use a six-digit passcode and, wherever possible, biometrics. Try to implement and teach your team how to use a two-step authentication (e.g. a password followed by a code sent via e-mail or SMS on work accounts).

Consider an In-House Server

Keeping your data on an in-house server will offer you the security that only the people inside your company will have access to your business data. Wherein the case of cloud servers, third parties will have to be given access to your information and the privacy and security might be diluted.


Source: Chaise.com

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