HNAS is a leading supplier of Sun Microsystems/Oracle hardware.

The portfolio includes not only the current product range, but also systems, spare parts and upgrades that are end of life from the manufacturer.

Besides a central warehouse, located in Denmark, our deliveries are supported by an extensive Worldwide network of suppliers, which ensures our customers a surprisingly quick delivery and an extremely competitive price.

Save money with HNAS

The recent years of market development has put increased focus on reducing costs and extending the life span of acquisitions.

HNAS specializes in refurbished equipment, which brings our customers in a position to comply with these requirements. The equipment is covered by our standard warranty terms and appears at almost the same quality level as new.
This creates value for our customers, and can be read directly on the bottom line.

Contact us today and learn more about the many benefits and opportunities offered when cooperate with us at the next Sun Microsystems/Oracle project.


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