Let’s discuss the myth of refurbished hardware. Are refurbished items truly inferior, damaged or outdated?


The general perception of some IT professionals is that the refurbished hardware may not perform as well as brand new equipment and may cause frequent downtimes.

We understand their reticence; choosing the appropriate hardware equipment for their business is a responsibility they must accomplish carefully. It is essential to find products that function smoothly and with no interruption.


Do they really need to fear the refurbs?


As the market for refurbished IT equipment is constantly growing, plenty of companies can provide products of equal (if not superior) quality as the new ones.  Routers, servers, switches from big brands like IBM, Cisco, NetApp, HP and many others can be purchased at significantly reduced costs.

While it is true that a small part of the refurbished hardware was, at some point, damaged or rejected, the majority of refurbs come from the hardware equipment that was used for demos, or from end-users who decided to upgrade or replace their equipment. In some cases, the refurbished equipment hasn’t even been used. It can actually be an older model, stocked in their unopened original box.


How was the myth created?


The leading OEMs of the market create new models of their hardware products quite often and try to persuade their customers to upgrade their systems. At some point, the OEMs will declare the old equipment obsolete and they will stop their support services.


Is it safe to buy refurbs?


Yes! Yes! Yes! If you purchase your hardware equipment from companies with proven experience and professional attitude from the secondary market (such as Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S) the products will be bundled with services and agreement. You will have the guarantee that the equipment had undergone inspection, audit, test, and update before putting it up for sale.  Moreover, all products are sold with a limited time warranty, therefore you are covered!


Let’s not forget about the essentials!


Refurbs =  savings. You get to save up to 90% on hardware and your IT infrastructure will work the same way with refurbished equipment as with new one.

So, let’s get it straight! It is definitively a myth.


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