The refurbished hardware market is flooded by servers, but truth be told, there are a lot more IT equipment than that. The same reseller that specialises in servers might be able to accommodate you with refurbished laptops, office phones, monitors, workstations, memory, networking equipment, and so many more others.

Previously, we have discussed what to look for when choosing the appropriate server for your business’ needs. Well, the same general principle applies for the rest of the tech equipment: refurbished is always better (than used)! That is mainly because all refurbs have to be tested and certified before being resold.

Any type of recycled IT equipment generally comes with a warranty deal from the vendor. Some businesses give warranties for a little extra money, while others offer a product lifetime warranty included in the initial price. No matter what option is made available for you, the savings on your IT infrastructure are still considerable (especially when compared to brand new equipment).

Even more, most IT resellers buy used gear. This might be a great chance to recycle some of your business’ old equipment.
Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S has put together a great ‘Trade-In‘ program. We offer good value for the equipment you no longer use and help you trade it in with a newer technology that will help in increasing your ROI.

Contact our team today and learn more about refurbished hardware availabilities and possibilities.

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