Your hard work and the endless hours put into growing your business are finally paying off. But, as your business grows, you might find out that your IT equipment needs a little updating. Buying an in-house server for your business will bring you great advantages in the long run.

However, before buying any server, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Mind your budget

As you probably already expect, brand new servers can be quite expensive. In order to remain within the limits of the allotted budget, shop a little bit around. Us here at Handelsselskabet Nordjylland recommend you to consider purchasing a refurbished server. They come with a lifetime warranty, high functionality and quality are guaranteed.

The trap of brands

Big brands usually come with spicy prices, there’s no surprise here. When selecting a server for your business put a greater accent on performance rather than on brands.

The needed storage

Take into consideration how much data storage you will be needing. You can clarify your needs by knowing the number of racking servers or blades you have.

Maintenance and management

Make sure you understand what type of management and maintenance your new server is going to require. Just because the server’s price seems to be very affordable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that in the long run is not going to empty your pockets for repairs or regular updates.

No matter what your specific requirements are, we can help. We will make sure you are provided with an affordable, top of the line server for your business. Get in touch with our team as soon as possible.

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