The Company

We are a global distributor and reseller of IT-hardware from leading OEMs.

Why us?

Detailed market knowledge

Friendly, reliable attitude


Right products at the right time and price

The Company

We are privately held and founded in 2002. Trading in more than 80 countries, we have a strong profile on the markets for used and refurbished hardware. Our availability in people and goods, provides a guarantee to our customers to receive the right products at the right time and price.

Vendor independence

We keep a liberal approach to the market strategies of the respective manufacturers.
By always maintaining high standards of ethics, throughout our entire organization, we ensure that our customer’s needs and wishes are always in focus and treated professionally.


We value the personal dialog, and is striving to create value-add through relationships between our customers and co-workers.

“Our business concept is to manage and develop a company, which based on existing needs trades IT hardware globally, achieving and developing a leading position on the Global market.
Accomplishment of this position is based in the company’s focus on the enduser’s procurement costs, and is secured by maintaining an already established global network of buyers and sellers, which gives the company guarantee for delivery, and furthermore by expanding the company’s market foundation.”

Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S


Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S | Foelfodvej 28 | 9310 Vodskov | Denmark | Telephone +45 9950 5000 |

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