Almost every week, we like to surprise our customers with new products and special deals. This time IBM servers are ready to be purchased at competitive prices.

IBM Power System S814 servers provide a highly secure architecture for stable database and middleware applications as well as the efficient deployment of business processing applications.

IBM Power S814

1x 4-Core 3,0GHz

64GB Memory

6x 300GB15 HDD

1x Power GTX145 GFX

2x PSU

DKK 83.500,00 / EUR 11.150,00



HNAS has gathered IBM servers, storage and networking solutions under one roof and offers new, used and refurbished hardware within these platforms:

  • Blade Servers
  • Blue Gene
  • Cluster Systems
  • Power Systems (System i & System p)
  • Smart Cubes
  • System x (x86)
  • System z (Mainframe)
  • Networking

Whether the need is for systems, spare parts or upgrades, we are ready to help.

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