Purchasing refurbished hardware may bring great advantages for any business out there, no matter its size or experience on the market. You get to save good money without compromising in any way the quality of the product.

Even so, there are many people that are afraid to buy refurbs because they still listen to all the myths that appeared in the tech world in the last years.

We are your Myth Busters! Here’s what you should know:

Refurbished products run slower, or don’t run at all

Refurbished products are believed to run at a slower pace or have errors when they are plugged into use. That’s a total myth. Refurbished products run at the same speed and with the same effect as new ones. Even though they might look used or a little bit older, they have the same capacity as newer versions.

Refurbished products are just other companies’rejects

Refurbished products are, often times,  items returned by companies to their manufacturer. But no, they are not rejects. Most of them are only used for presentations, in showrooms, or have slight visual inconsistencies, but they do not defect in any way.

If a buyer suddenly decides he doesn’t want the product he purchased and returns it, without using it much, the item cannot be sold at the initial price, but it still runs at the same capacity.

Refurbished products will break faster once acquired

Refurbished products will NOT break faster than new ones. It’s quite the opposite. Because they are tested and, if it’s the case, reconditioned, it’s hard to find a refurbished item that doesn’t work as a newly manufactured one or even better.

And because only officially recognized manufacturers, following a quality control assurance standard (ISO:9001), are allowed to recondition them, then you don’t have to fear that the product will break before it’s end-of-lifetime term.

Refurbished products are sold in “as-is” conditions

Refurbished products are not sold in “as-is” conditions. “As-is” condition refers to a product being sold in the same state it has been re-purchased (with scratches, malfunctioning hardware, etc.). Refurbished products don’t follow this protocol. Before being sold, they are tested multiple times to ensure that the items are functioning at the same capacity as new ones.

Refurbished products won’t meet the new demands for faster and better connections

Refurbished products are just as powerful as newly manufactured ones. Over the years, the buying standard has changed. With many companies not having the budget to acquire the latest products when they enter the market, they turn to resellers to get the second best possible deal. Often times, refurbished products are just like the ones they’re looking for, but at smaller prices. And even though they have been used for 1 or 2 years in some other company, they can still carry another system for several years to come.

Refurbished products get a warranty because, more often than not, they’re not going to work

Seriously, there is no such a thing as refurbished products getting a warranty just because they are expected not to work. Most of the non-original manufacturers don’t offer additional services like software installation support or maintenance, but they make up by offering good warranty programs to their products.

Refurbished products won’t last as long

Refurbished products will last you almost as long as new ones. It’s true, in some very rare cases some will need replacement faster than their end-of-lifetime specifications (but your warranty will cover that). Often times, the refurbished hardware you’ll buy will work as if it was just taken off the shelf and will carry your system for a decent amount of time.

Refurbished products are not worth the money

Refurbished products are just as valuable as newly manufactured ones and they generally cost less money. In the long run, after doing the math, they’re the ones that are going to spare your budget a hefty loss. With the same functioning capacity, but smaller prices, it’s almost always more profitable to buy refurbished products than new ones. In the worst case, they will last you a couple of years and afterward, you can update your system with new items from manufacturers.



What can Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S do?

We hope that our article helped you understand why, at the end of the day, purchasing refurbished hardware is a smart decision.

With over 15 years of experience, Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S is trading in over 80 countries across the world. In time, we have built a strong profile on the markets for used and refurbished hardware.

We specialize in Cisco, HP, Oracle, NetApp, and many others. The professionalism of our team guarantees that our customers will receive the best products at the right time and price.

Contact us for any inquiries.

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