Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard about Cisco yet? Every business owner is tempted, at some poin,t to buy IT equipment from the original manufacturer. But, as you might very well know, their products can get quite pricey, especially if you run on a strict budget. Here’s a great solution for you: why not try refurbished Cisco?!

You might get better warranty for refurbished Cisco

For real! Usually, Cisco offers a standard 90-day warranty for its hardware products. Sure, it’s not bad, but it is not exactly the ideal situation.

We have a secret for you: professional and high-quality resellers offer a much advantageous warranty for the refurbished Cisco equipment. Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S, for example, offers a lifetime warranty. How great is that?

You get to know the reliability ratings

Manufacturers don’t necessarily make a habit from disclosing to the buyer the exact reliability rating of their new products. A good reseller will provide its customers with information about the reliability rate of their refurbs.

Truth be told, reliable vendors run their own tests before reselling the products, to make sure of their good functionality, while the manufacturers usually make on spot checks on every 50th to 100th piece of hardware.

Once it has been proved that a piece of refurbished  Cisco equipment works without any flows, it will most likely be reliable throughout its lifetime.

You get to buy spares considerably cheaper

If any malfunction should occur, buying spares directly from Cisco might hurt your budget. Sure, if you don’t have any budget restrictions you are more than welcome to buy Cisco’s brand new hardware spare solutions. But it can get quite expensive. If you buy from resellers, you will get  hot-swappable spares at a reduced price (*HINT* Us, pick us!).

Contact Handelsselskabet Nordjylland A/S for unique hardware solutions, adapted to your business’ needs.  

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