Now that you set up your brand new refurbished it equipment in your server room, we have to tell you about a few maintenance techniques you need to keep in mind. As in any successful business, consistence is essential. In order for the components of a server to function to their  highest performance, they need to be properly maintained. In this short article we’ll give you a few tips that will help you keep your servers in peak performance.

However, if your server needs upgrading or you equipment is not complete, remember to contact our team and will make sure to find the best solution for you.

What are the problems you need to keep an eye on?

DUST. It might sound simple and silly but the dust that is not properly cleaned, combined with some other contaminants (particles generate by humans – hair, skin) might cause real problems in your server room. Dust can be tricky to clean. Especially if is blown into your server components. And when it accumulates it can actually increase the server’s temperature by 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which in time can be damaging.

How can you prevent the problems?

MAINTENANCE. One thing is for sure: a failed server causes a lot of problems for any business. All the data you were trying to keep safe and stored will be simply gone if your server breaks down. This is maintenance and prevention should be a priority for every organization that has an in-house server. Respecting strict cleaning standards will reduce the risk of contamination.

While the job of cleaning your server components should be left on the hands of professionals, you can take care of some minor tasks: if the server is placed in a room frequented by people, keep the floors clear of any contaminates by vacuuming it frequently; if possible, install air filters; and use antistatic cloths for cleaning.

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