By now, you must know quite a bit about the advantages of buying and using refurbished equipment. You know very well that it’s cost-efficient while maintaining the same quality, you get the same performance as a new product, and you actually get to expand the life of your current system. So, we’re not going into details about that :). But what’s in it really? What’s in it for you?

Being ecological in your company’s practices is the newest and most discussed expectation in the business world. Electricity waste during daily operations must be taken care of. Your first thought might be to buy some new equipment that will help you reduce the consumption of electricity. But, in fact, the production of new equipment puts greater pressure on the environment. Organising all resources from a lifetime perspective and optimising the already existant IT equipment is considered to be a better option for the environment than lowering the electricity consumption by purchasing new equipment.

We can confidently say that buying refurbished equipment is a form of recycling. Just think about it. When the old equipment is not used anymore, it is going to be disposed of, contributing to pollution. On the other hand, manufacturing brand new equipment requires to drain the world’s raw materials. Buying refurbished will not only help you save up to 80% on your financial resources, but it will also give you the chance to invest in sustainability. By providing refurbished equipment, with the same performance and approximately the same lifetime as new equipment – you can extend your budget and even improve your return on investment.

HNAS will help you:

  • TRADE IN! While the IT demands are ever increasing and the budgets are not necessarily consistent, it might be a good time to consider alternative and constructive ways to acquire hardware. HNAS would like to offer you good value for the equipment you no longer use – in this way you can make a trade-in, update to newer technology and increase your ROI.
  • You get to save up to 80%.
  • We deliver fast!
  • All our products come hand in hand with a lifetime warranty.
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