What do you do before buying IT equipment? We understand that any technology-related purchase for your business can be a real struggle. Finding the cheapest solution while not giving up on the quality of the product cand be a real pain. While it’s true that going for brand new devices often means less hassle – there’s always someone there who can help you choose what you need, it also means more expenses. If your company cannot afford new tech, then refurbs are equally good or even better.

The refurbished market is constantly growing and is becoming more and more popular amongst the mid-range businesses. It offers the same quality, warranty deals, and personalized solutions at considerably cheaper prices. If this sounds good for you, these are a few tips you need to know before buying IT equipment.

First things first. Make sure you understand the difference between refurbished and used.

Used products are usually resold by individuals and are not that recommended for the business environment. Refurbished products are reliable and can be bought in bulk or repeatedly. Moreover, they are checked and fixed by professional refurbishers (like we are) and they come with a warranty.

Choose your vendor wisely.

It is important to find a vendor that has well-set buying-returning policies. Check out the legitimacy of the business before going forward with any purchase.

Check the warranty and the return policies before agreeing to anything.

Make sure you fully understand the policies. Generally, they should offer at least a 30-day return policy and a six-month warranty.

Before buying IT equipment, make sure you know everything there is to know about the condition of the device

Ask about the device’s condition and appearance. Make sure you are told about the smallest details – scratches, dents and so on.

If possible, find yourself a good supplier and stick to it.

Do you like paperwork? Because more suppliers mean more documentation, warranties, contact information and many others. Just sayin’. One supplier can assure your IT equipment needs and in time can offer you great deals on your loialty.

Now that you know what to consider before buying IT equipment, give us a call. Whatever your existing IT environment demands, only work with the best in the field to ensure the quality and confidence you would expect. Whether you are in need of new or refurbished systems or spare parts, we can support you with affordable solutions that maximizes your budgets and increases your ROI.

HNAS keeps a large central warehouse in Denmark and distributes to any country in the World.

All products are backed with a warranty from us, with an Advance Replacement Policy.

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