Before setting your heart on buying any servers, laptops, phones, or any other types of technology for your business finding out where the devices come from and how were they refurbished is essential. In this short article, we will help you understand how technology is being refurbished and what are the biggest PROs.

As we previously said in our articles, refurbished devices are, most of the times, revamped technology that has been returned by customers. In other cases, they are a set of business technologies that have been returned at the end of an equipment lease. Manufacturers have in-house refurbishing protocols that ensure the products will be renewed and will function well before putting it up for sale again.

Refurbishers first assess the level of damage on the equipment and identify the pieces that need to be replaced or added. In most cases, they will dissasable different components of the item to ensure their functionality. At the end of the refurbishment process, the devices should look like new, with no signs of heavy wear and tear.

Refurbished technology is a good way to save money. Revamped devices cost up to 75% less than the same device new price.  You get to be green from an environmental point of view. When using the refurbished technology, you’re keeping the technology away from landfills.

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