Is your business up to date with the latest technology? Highly-performant tech means an increased level of productivity. All your phones and security systems, software, computers and networks are directly impacted by the development of technology. Whether it is for simple daily operation or for complex networks, up to date technologies keep any company on the competitive side of the business.

In order to integrate the newest technologies, you need to adopt a smooth and efficient strategy based on needs, costs, and availability.

  1. Identify what is relevant to you. If, for example, your business’ main activity is in sales, then your staff members will most likely require means to connect with customers. In this case, you will need effective communication tools. Make a list of all the hardware items used by your staff (from phones, laptops, tablets, to phone systems and computer network). Then, list all the extra technological items your employees would need to increase their productivity.
  2. Know what you already have and make use of it as best as possible. Let’s say that you are using Microsoft Office but you’re using Mac laptops. While it’s not necessarily ideal, you can still make it work. Microsoft office is generally compatible with both Google’s and Apple’s systems.
  3. Use informational resources from the outside to stay up to date about the latest developments in technology. TechRadar, Google, Apple… Keep an eye on everything that’s happening out there, in the tech world. Rank your resources; prioritize those who suit your business and your needs the most.
  4. Make time to browse through those resources periodically. Or better yet, if you have an IT person, ask him or her to keep an eye on the updates and changes.

Source: Small Business

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